The Institute of Applied Halakhah was founded in 1997 in order to publish a library of Halakhic literature in Hebrew, English, and Russian for the Conservative/Masorti movements.

Books published in 2003:

Insight Israel : The View from Schechter , Prof. David Golinkin

Books published in 2004:

The High Holy Days , two volumes in one, by Rabbi Dr. Hayyim Kieval, edited by Prof. David Golinkin and Rabbi Monique Susskind Goldberg

A Time to Be Born, A Time To Die: The Laws and Customs of Mourning , Rabbi Isaac Klein and Rabbi David Golinkin, translated into Russian and edited by Rabbi Michael Kovsan

Kuntress Hateshuvot Hehadash , ed. by Prof. Shmuel Glick, a new bibliography of the Responsa literature, co-published with the Bar Ilan Law Faculty and the Schocken Institute

Books in preparation:

Responsa and Halakhic Studies , Rabbi Isaac Klein, second edition, ed. by Prof. David Golinkin and Rabbi Monique Susskind Goldberg

Malki Bakodesh, Vol. 1, by Rabbi Hayyim Hirschenson, ed. by Dr. David Zohar

Responsa of the Va'ad Halakhah , Volume 7, ed. by Prof . David Golinkin.


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